This Makes You Find Expensive and Inexpensive Airbnb Locations in Istanbul

Are you planning to visit Istanbul? Or do you want to see the city that bridge Europe and Asia? First question is where you will stay. In this article you will learn which district of Istanbul is suitable to accommodate for you, according to Airbnb Istanbul Data

This is a part of Udacity’s Data Scientist Nanodegree program. The purpose of this project is to analyze the Airbnb Istanbul datasets and address few business questions.

Addressed bussiness questions are:

What are the top 5 expensive and cheap neighbourhoods in Istanbul?

What are the average accommodation price of different room types for all districts of Istanbul?

What are the average price of different types of room in the top 5 expensive and cheap neighbourhood of Istanbul?

Top 5 Expensive and Cheap Neighbourhoods in Istanbul?

Istanbul is one of the most important tourism spot in the world and is the largest city of Turkey. For visiters, it is important to knowing which districts are expensive or cheap so that they can choose the location to accomotadate.

Fig 1: Top 5 Cheap District in Istanbul
Fig 2: Top 5 Expensive District in Istanbul

In this article, all prices are shown in Turkish Liras. price values are just average Airbnb prices per night of disctrict. Price values are adjusted by person numbers that will accomodate. Therefore, adjusted_price shows price per person.

In Fig 1 and Fig 2, you can see cheap and expansive neighboorhoods in Istanbul.

Fig 3: Istanbul Districts

Average Accommodation Price Neighbourhoods for Different Room Types

The available room types in Istanbul are shown below.

Average adjusted prices of Airbnb accommodation costs for each districts in Istanbul are displayed below.

Fig 4. Entire home/apt Room Type Average Adjusted Prices in Istanbul
Fig 5: Private Room Type Average Adjusted Prices in Istanbul
Fig 6: Hotel Room Type Average Adjusted Prices in Istanbul
Fig 7: Shared Room Type Average Adjusted Prices in Istanbul

There are unreasonable average values in Uskudar district in Figure 6, Kartal and Beykoz districts in Figure 7. Since host asks too much money for room to show unavailability of room. By considering these figures, travallers can find most suitable neighboorhood to accommodate.

Average Location Review Scores of Neighbourhoods in Istanbul

Average location review scores of Airbnb rooms for Istanbul districts are shown in Figure 8.

Fig 8: Average Location Review Scores for Districts in Istanbul

To see more about this analysis, see the link to my Github available here.

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